Sunday, 2 November 2008


Just back from London Natural History Museum. I have the honour to be the winner of Creative Visions of Nature of the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 08.
Amazing venue, amazing experience.
Very happy as well to be on the cover of the BBC Wildlife Magazine Porfolio of the exibition.

Creative Visions of Nature - Winner
Miguel Lasa (United Kingdom/Spain)
Polar sunrise
'So many of the photographs I'd seen of polar bears failed to show the power of the animals or any sense of the harshness of the polar environment. While the bears paced the beach waiting for the ice, I waited for the perfect light. Finally I got the shot I was after - a bear backlit by the first rays of sunlight.' During winter, polar bears live on the frozen seas of the Arctic. In summer, in areas where the ice melts completely like Canada's Hudson Bay, they spend months ashore living on a variety of foods. They will also swim in the water and catch birds. By the time the seas freeze again in autumn they are eager for fresh seal-meat.
Canon EOS 40D + Canon EF500mm f4 IS USM lens; 1/1250 sec at f4 (+2/3 compensation); ISO 400.


Iñaki said...

How is it possible that post beeing without comments?? It's one of the most impressive and beautiful photos I'd seen! Realmente enorme, genial. Me recuarda a las pinturas del paleolítico de una cueva en el Norte de España, por ejemplo Ekain. Un saludo cargado de admiración.

Candela said...

Felicidades por ese premio, aunque un poco tarde.

He conocido tu trabajo a través de y de Koldo Badillo.

Sencillamente hermosa tu vista de la naturaleza.

Enhorabuena y muchas felicidades.

juanKa said...

Felicitaciones, por su premio. Soy un seguidor de su trabajo.

Víctor J. Blanco said...

Genial. Una foto perfecta en todos los sentidos y aspectos posibles. Enhorabuena por el premio y sigue así. Una pregunta: ¿sabes si la exposición del premio BBC va a pasar por Valladolid?

Un saludo

Rok Dolničar said...

Congrats...great topic in Outdoor Photograper...

Best from Slovenia,


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